Beast Bane Basic Intro

  1. Rendered Image

Rendered Image

Beast Bane is so deep, you can actually see characters interact in the world around you, from you character opening doors, shaking off rain, wiping sweat from their heads, and greeting people automatically as they walk by.

The overworld is explore-able not by one but by everyone in the party separately, when in Story Mode freely roam, when in God’s Gate enter the exploration area to walk around freely around the world and see the diverse system effects like Day-n’-Night system and Weather system to get a new perspective on every area.

You can go to shops and actually see the counter-person hand you items and see you character put up any items they find or gather as well.

NPCs aren’t useless, you can talk to them and they can give you their Recall card, this will allow you to call them into battle, and they train and grow like you but at their own pace, they will change costumes as you go into missions with them and they might change weapons depending on what  weapons they know how to use.

You can demolish items in the overworld like rocks, boulders, and more items. Even purchase items that have a use within the overworld like mining items and umbrellas for the rain, and larger wallets and purses.

Rendered Image

While you may know the controls of Beast Bane are you sure you know the combat? Beast Bane is an ARPG as you may know very similar to a game called Blade & Soul in terms of Art direction and similar to Vindictus in terms of combat.

Damage is show with each hit, white means normal, yellow means critical, red means burn, and purple mean poison, and blue means frost bite damage.

You can link together combos in many ways.

  1. Ground combo
  2. Launcher
  3. Chase
  4. Aireal combo (or throw)
  5. Divebomb
  6. Ground combo
  7. Finisher

Each of these intervals may be interrupted with either a transformation which will cause a 360 degree blast or special move.

To do each of these you will obviously need to know the controls and you can mix and match to cause a great deal of damage to enemies and cause some collateral destruction among the battlefields.

As you should know you can fight in several areas:

Gorund, Underwater, On water, Walls and ceilings; not only does this not limit you but it gives you a larger range to fight and with the proper commands you can knock enemies on to these areas and continue fighting.

Rendered Image

Each character equips a certain weapons depending on their class, when you are a swordsman you can equip normal swords for many fighting styles including “sword”, “sword and shield”, “dual swords”, “archer blade” and ect.

Weapon stats are labeled as so:

  • Level: Determines how much exp your weapon has gotten in battle.
  • Rank: Each rank represents a large status bonus for your weapon, the ranks are: F, D-, D+, C-, C+, B-,B+,A-,A+, S,SS,and SSS.
  • Attack: Determines how much damage you do.
  • Weight: This and character Strength determines how fast you can attack.
  • Effect: This can be physical or just for show, such as: “rose petals flying with every slash”, “weapon is invisible until you land an attack”, “lightning flies when you attack”, “when you block weapon glows”.
  • Element: This requires strategy and will cause elemental bonus damage to the enemies, elements are: fire, water, ice, earth, nature, electricity, choas, light, wind, metal, and acid.

If a weapon has no Effects or elements then you may infuse it with a card.

Cards – these are earned from high mission rankings, these when infused with weapons can add some effects, and elemental damage to your weapons.

Rendered Image

Armor is always something players are finicky about, you may equip various armor  in the game, from casual to dragon slayer armor made of shiny glowing scales and chainmail.

You may equip equipment for each slot, characters have these slots to choose from:

  • Head (Face, Nose, Left Ear, and Right Ear)
  • Neck
  • Shoulder (each)
  • Torso
  • Waist
  • Back
  • Rear End
  • Legs (each)
  • Arms (each)
  • Wrists (each)
  • Hands (each)
  • Feet (each)
  • Bra [Wemon only]
  • Underwear

When equipping Armor for your characters you can equip more than one item for each slot as long as they don’t collide, you may equip as much stuff as you want to that slot.

Armor adds to your defense, helping prevent taking damage, low critical hit rates, and even raise resistance to elemental damage and status effects. Everyone wants to be stylish so why should you have to give up your good looking armor for an ugly set that has more defense.

Well you don’t, now you can level up and rank up your armor so that you can keep those armors that appeal to your personal preference, when an armor piece has reached level 30 you will need materials to rank it up just like weapons but when it is ranked up the stats for it will raise a monumental amount, however the stats will not raise when you are leveling it up.

The design of the armor will improve as you rank up your armor pieces and you can re-color then with every rank, and when you rank them or weapons up to S Rank then you can re-color them freely

Armor stats are much like weapon stats, take a look:

  • Level: This is how much xp your armor has gained, level caps are 30 but you may rank up the item once it has reached 30 and it will start over at level 1 for the next rank.
  • Rank: This will tell how strong your armor is, with each rank you gain a large stat bonus for your equipment, but you will need the required materials to rank up your equipment each time it has reached level 30.
  • Defense: This tells how much damage is nullified and if any bonuses may occur.
  • Mechanism: This will occur once your armor piece has accumulated enough damage, such as hard shell which prevents any loss of defense.

Armor Damage – Armor does take damage within the game, armor has 5 presets of damage.

  • Normal – completely fixed or no noticeable damage can be seen.
  • Light – Scratches and marks are visible but nothing serious.
  • Moderate – cuts, rips, and small dents are visible within the armor.
  • Heavy – heavy damage has been dealed to the armor, such as heavy cuts, slashes, marks, and heavy tears its on the verge of falling apart.

Rendered Image

Art direction of the game is very similar to “Blade & Soul” a Korean MMO game P2P and very popular.

Many themes and designs helped inspire Beast Bane to what it is today such as:

  • Oil-skin Textures: These are implied on all characters even males where their skin in oily and shiny, really drawing attention to the beautiful ladies and the masculine males within the game.


Muscular men and sexy wemon are in this game, so partial nudity will be shown, however there are few sexual themes this game is aimed at a teenage audience.


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