Beast Bane Summary & Concept

Game Name:     Beast Bane 1st Gen

Regions: US (Canada), EU, JP, KR, ect

Genre:  Action RPG

Perspective: 2D Displays ONLY

Dimensions: 3D

Platform: PS Vita

Developers: ??? & Bandia Namco

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

ESRB: T for Teen

  • Mild Blood
  • Partial Nudity
  • Mild Language
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Alcohol Reference

Multiplayer? Yes, Co-op only

Local      6-Player

Online   6-Player

3G          2-Player


  • Co-op Multi-player
  • Dynamic Weather System
  • Day-n’-night system
  • Character Creation
  • Character Customization
  • Weapon Creation
  • Armor Creation
  • Creation Community Shop System
  • Destroyable battlegrounds
  • Fight on walls, celings, underwater ect.
  • Graphics are custom for Vita
  • Trophies
  • Online Lobbies and lobby settings and tools
  • Character Transformations



Stroyline Featurette HD Video is something I wanted to capture, it explains the beginning rather than the point where you begin playing the game, the story video gets you pumped and ready to try Beast Bane and the sadness and hope envelops you encouraging you to want to learn more of the story, Beast Bane is something great and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

You play as the protagonist Roy, a small child with a big heart.

Roy is 9 years old at this time and is a special-breed of beast, he is a chrono-breed which there are very few, these breed resemble normal humans except for their unrealistically colored eyes and side fangs within their mouths.

Roy wakes up within a floating temple in a rainstorm so heavy you can’t see past your hand. He wakes up injured as if he has been in a battle and wakes without much memory of himself, as he tries to stand to his feet his right leg gives out from the pain.

While desperately trying to remember his body quickly heals all pain within his broken body, connecting and rebuilding his body stronger. He quickly hears a faint voice speaking to him, asking for an aid in rescue, Roy without any memory of where he came from thinks of himself as a normal human.

He quickly doubts that he has any abilities if any as a normal kid.

The voice fades away as he brings realization to his severed mind, Roy striving to recover all of his memories takes up the task to rescue this stranger. He quickly progresses up the temple until he meets face-to-face with his first enemy. After dodging about he finds a sword lodged within a soldier’s corpse.

He grabs the blade and slices this black creature to bits easily. After a tough bunch on the top floor, Roy sees a container that is covered with ice and dust.

He wipes the glass and sees a snow leopard sleeping within the container.

He quickly jumps back in fear and he looks where he had leaned on was a green button, slowing opening the transparent glass slides past opening the container. The big leopard then steps out and shakes off ice from his body, and roars with frost-air leaking out his mouth and it looks at Sean and slowly stands on both feet and cracks its neck.

The snow leopard then forms and ice-like gauntlet to crystallize around his right arm, and points at Roy with his black claws.

Roy too scared to move, frozen by fear tries and forces himself to nod and faints.

This leopard then shape shifts to normal size of a leopard and bites Roy’s shirt and throws him on his back…..


Modes Single Player Multi-Player
Revenant Chronicles–Story Mode w/ Cinema & Multiplayer  Available  Available – 6 Player co-op
Versus–Fight against AI or Ghosts  Available  Available – 6 Player VS 6
Dojo –Learn a fighting style of a weapon  Available  N/A
Training–Set up custom battle sequences w/ custom options and variables.  Available  6 Player Co-op
Destruction –Take down waves of enemies in 32 Player teams.  Available w/ CPU Players  Available 32-Player Co-op(Wi-Fi/Ad-hoc ONLY)
G-Zero Operations –Do missions you have unlocked or missions you have downloaded as DLC  Available w/ CPU Players  Available – 6 Player Co-op
God’s Gate–This a large mode where you can go online and do a separate story and use custom characters, engaging in 6P co-op and 32P co-op missions.  N/A  Available – 6 Player Co-op/32 Player limited (Wi-Fi/Ad-hoc ONLY)
Creation– This is where you view and make custom characters, weapons, and armor.  Available  N/A
Party –This is where you can gather friends to form a Party to follow you into Multiplayer modes.  N/A  Available (Wi-Fi/Ad-hoc ONLY)

These are the modes available with a variety of options and modes so you never get bored, fight out signle player or multi player in mostly all modes.


Multi-player is the future and we believe it should be stressed, so in terms of Multiplayer 6-Player Co-op is allowed through most modes, online and ad-hoc.

Due to 3G limitations 2-Player co-op is only allowed.

Story Mode, Versus, Training, Boss Tower and all other modes support this see more about it in the modes category.


Characters are displayed first and then enemies are displayed afterwards, everything in the gallery was either hand drawn or custom made.


PS Vita has the best controls for this game and it literally can produce the best control scheme for a deep action title like Beast Bane.


  Overworld – Ground Overworld – Underwater
L. Analog Move Character Swim
R. Analog Move Camera Move Camera
X Interact(cities/areas) jump (ect) Interact/swim  upwards
Command Command
O Cancel/Back Cancel/Back
Use Instincts Use instincts
L Trigger (Near enemy) Lock-on (Far-Away) Center Camera (Near enemy) Lock-on (Far-Away) Center Camera
R Trigger Dash/(Hold) Sprint Dash/Hold Swim faster
Up Change Camera View Change Camera View
Down Hide HUD Hide HUD
Left Open Quick Character Select Open Quick Character Select
Right Special Loader Special Loader
Gyro              +L (Hold) Look Around Look Around


  In-Battle – Ground In-Battle Underwater
L. Analog Move Character Swim
R. Analog Move Camera Move Camera
X Jump Swim Upwards
X,X Double Jump Swim Upwards
X (Hold) Auto Divebomb (JumpàDivebomb) Swim Upwards Continuously
Low Attack Low Attack
O Mid Attack Mid Attack
High Attack High Attack
L Trigger (Near enemy) Lock-on (Far-Away) Center Camera (Near enemy) Lock-on (Far-Away) Center Camera
R Trigger Dash/(Hold) Sprint Dash/Hold Swim faster
Up Change Weapon Mode Change Weapon Mode
Down Transform (Full Gauge)Burst –Radial 360° Blast (Half Gauge) Transform (Full Gauge)Burst –Radial 360° Blast (Half Gauge)
Left Change Character Change Character
Right Change Map Size Change Map Size
Touchscreen(Hold) Block Block
X (Hold)Midair Glide Glide
X (Rapid) Divebomb Divebomb
START Single Player – Pause/Open MenuMultiPlayer – Open Menu Single Player – Pause/Open MenuMultiPlayer – Open Menu
SELECT Signal Partners (Beacon of Light) Signal Partners (Beacon of Light)


  In-Battle – Ground In-Battle Underwater
□ (Hold) Slide Attack Flip Attack (good for dodging also)
O (Hold) Grab Grab
∆ (Hold) Quick Access: Special Move Quick Access: Special Move
Grab_,_,_,_, Attack while holding enemy Attack while holding enemy
Grab + ↑/↓↖/↗/↘/↙ Throw Throw
Throw, X (Hold) Chase Chase
Chase_,_,_,_, Attack during Chase(press an action button) Attack during Chase(press an action button)
O + ∆ Launcher Launcher
□ + ∆ Throw Throw
Special Loader□ Equipped Special Move 1 Equipped Special Move 1
Special Loader O Equipped Special Move 2 Equipped Special Move 2
Special Loader∆ Equipped Special Move 3 Equipped Special Move 3
X + O Request Team Attack Request Team Attack
Request Team Attack Initiate Team Special (2 or more players activate on lock-on enemy) Initiate Team Special (2 or more players activate on lock-on enemy)
Special Loader(Shake) Build Energy Build Energy


In Beast Bane the gameplay has all of the core controls for a true action oriented experience, In the general gameplay you as your character run around a large map divided into large sections to cut down processing.

Once you meet face to face with an enemy, you can use the basic controls for a fighting game including Low, Mid, and High attack options.

Mixing these does various combos, and each weapon style has its own combo list preset with up to 40 moves standard, once you learn about combos then you move onto combining combos.

You can combine combos with certain moves to connect and help prevent pauses where the enemy can retaliate, so once you do a simple ground combo you then can move onto launchers, which thrust your enemy into air if you are on the ground, or send them flying upward in water.

Once you have done a successful launcher your character will automatically move into close range distance to continue the combo, once you have you can then do another combo determining if you are still on the ground or in water.

After that you can then combo and  knock them into the ground or do various air grabs to transition into throws where you can accurately choose the direction you would like to throw the enemy in.

If the enemy has hit the ground with an impact however you can do a divebomb by rapidly pressing X and the do a finishing blow to finish off the combo, however to add even more damage you may transform into your beast mode at any time during combos to blast enemies away from you or even do specials in the middle of combos to do massive damage.

The element that makes Beast Bane unique is the ability to fight on all surfaces, by tapping the back touch panel you can change gravitational settings and either stand on walls, ceilings, water ect or it will effect you normally.

Note: A icon will provide a notification of which setting it is on.

Characters also have levels, with a level limit of 500 you can grind until it hurts, or play casually and beat the Story mode by simply upgrading equipment.

Equipment also have levels, so no equipment is less useful than the other you may level it up by gaining exp in battle as it effects your character and equipment, you can also collect cards which can add effects to weapons or armor like freeze effects or just for visual appearances like water dripping off your weapon or setting your weapon ablaze.

In battle you also have ever changing weather with the Dynamic Weather system, cosntantly changing from sleet, snow, snowstorms, blizzards, sprinkling, rain, rainstorms and fog.

Beast Bane’s systems are deep and structured to provide the most gameplay hours and content available for maximum entertainment.

Quick Terms:

Beast: A beast is an animal-like creature that has high mental and physical abilities, it will represent usually a wolf or some large wild cat animal.

They have power that is unimaginable and can control elements and shift them as well. They stand on two feet, ancient creatures that treasure their culture with their lives.

Beast Bane: A jewel that has been of legend, a crystal blue item that in unbreakable and pure, it holds the true secrets to unlocking a beast’s true potential but only for those pure of heart.

Darkness Spire small darkness beings that are more of minor threats to players, they can be massively produced by darkness hives.

Darkness Vouge large darkness creatures that can cause collateral damage to large areas and pose as very powerful enemies.


Each weapon has a category, in each category you will need to rank up your character to use that type of weapon, each weapon has special abilities and specific special moves, some specials are generic and can be used with any class.

Each weapon has a particular use, but when you transform you weapon will materialize into a finger-less gauntlet that is past shoulder length.

I want characters to feel like a beast in reality, so taking away weapons and letting you use your claws, nails, jaws to rip opponents in half is the way I want palyers to realize the race of beasts as.


Sword – equip one sword, this class focuses on balance in all areas and is the simplest of all classes.

Sword & Shield – this class allows you to equip a sword in your right-hand and a shield in your left, this class focuses on defense and power.

Dual Swords – this class focuses on power and speed, being fluent in spins and jumps you can tear through waves quickly.

Two-handed Sword – this class only uses one sword and focuses completely on power.

Gunblade – this class will use a special type of sword called a gunblade which is a sword that rapidly switches to a form of a gun within its combos.

Gunblade & Shield – this class will use a gunblade and a shield allowing you to focus on many areas and go in attacking strategically and use you defense in up close situations.

Dual Gunblades – this class will use two gunblades which allows you to go in with Power and Speed, allowing you to hit even more crowds of enemies.

Arrow Blades – this class is very custom and is hard but very fulfilling, with dual swords you can connect them at their ends to form a bladed bow and arrow, and this allows you to devastate enemies with wild combos in range, power, and speed.

Arrow Gunblades – this class is the most ranged of all areas, (joke) you can use your gunblades and connect them at ends to form a bladed and semi-automatic bow that shoots arrows and bullets; this is the most diverse class of the entire game.

Plasma Longblade – this class will allow you to use a long samurai-like sword with 3 rotating blades, when you have accumulated enough damage you can speed up the rotating creating an electrified friction flame that will stun and burn opponents, this weapon has only been mentioned in legends.


Scythe – Beast Bane is so creative you can use a scythe in battle, with speed and critical elements you will do some damage with long combos, and the blade will even catch your enemy on it sometimes causing massive damage.

Dual Scythes – Yes! Yes! You may use two Scythes in battle, one for each hand, how amazing is that?! You can cause spiraling damage while slicing through corpses with this deadly duo, and not only is that it but this will cause high critical rates putting your enemies to rest, crushing, ripping, and tearing them literally into shreds.

Windmill Scythes – Two scythes are great, epic even but connecting them into a windmill like scythe is just something that is completely original, staff users should feel right at home crunching bones with this baby, switch modes to cause the scythes to connect and rip enemies fluently in speed and critical rates that will have enemies running and screaming.


Street Warrior – How great is it to punch your way through concrete and snap large bosses like twigs, if you like hand-to-hand then this is what you need. Equip battle gloves and troll enemies with constant headaches and nosebleeds, master power and speed as you fight your opponents.

Kung-Fu Master – Fight with incredible prowess, if you like using martial arts then come straight out the movies and do slow-mo actions and counter opponents easily.

Chi-blocker – If you like something that requires patience then you can be a chi-blocker, literally hitting vital points in enemies’ bodies you can disable their limbs and also take their energy and use it against them.


Staff – Monks have trained in this for years, now use it for your personal use (haha damn monks), go insane with fast and attacks that will keep your opponents in a safe distance.

Elemental Control (You equip an elemental arm gauntlet to use elemental control)

Fire – Create fire and manipulate lava, kick, punch, breathe out flames and simmer your enemies into a crisp if they dare stand in your way.

Water – Manipulate water as a strong defense you can pull it out of the air allowing you to use water and freeze objects and enemies into ice.

Earth – Use the Earth and keep opponents at a distance, mother-nature is pissed off when you have her equipped.

Lightning – Call down storms and shock some sense into your enemies, use the lightning and strike areas to make fire, using this has speed unparalleled.

FreezerBurn – The rarest of elemental controls, you literally create a blue flame so cold it crystallizes what ever it touches, crystallize even yourself for strategically battle styles, or just use this mystical element and deal some damage.

Quick Information: When you transform out of your human form into your beast form, your weapon transforms into an open-fingered arm gauntlet allowing you to use your claws and raw strength to use against your enemies.


Beast Bane isn’t all about awesome combat and awesome battle systems, there are other systems like character creation.


Is deep and will allow you to choose face types, separate eye colors, contact designs, contact colors, hairstyles, hair colors, head types, ear types, breast size, muscle size, body size, skin tone, height, weight, ect.

You can really go all out in character creation and set even personal stuff, like favorite foods, color, and stuff like that.


Weapon Creation gives Beast Bane its kick, you start off by selecting a weapon, let’s go with sword for example.

Sword parts include: Blade, Sheath, Grip, Cross Guard, Pommel, and Locket.

Then select weapon parts from pre-sets or in-game unlocks mixing and matching Grips, and Blades of different weapons.

Afterward use our powerful set of tools and edit the sword to your liking.

Some of the tools are:

  • Paintbrush – paint a material with normal paint, metallic paint, or candy paint using a highly customizable coloration grid with editable brightness.
  • Glow Paintbrush – paint a material with glowing paint that has a everlasting glow with a highly customizable coloration grid with editable brightness and hue.
  • Nuclear Paintbrush – paint a material with pulsating glow paint that pulsates seamlessly with the coloration grid.
  • Invert Dye – invert a material’s color.
  • Engrave needle – select a font and size to engrave custom text into your weapons, you can even select multiple languages and emoticons.
  • Paint bucket – color the entire weapon a single color with the coloration grid, its like dumping paint.
  • Smoker – insert a smoke emitter and set smoke amount, speed, color, and opacity.
  • Electrifier – Electrify a material, and see electricity flow through that selected material, select a color and amount.
  • Lightning emitter – Lightning will flow around that selected material, select a color and amount.
  • Lava emitter – Lava will flow inside selected material, select color, amount, opacity, and speed.
  • Flame magnet – Flames will wrap around a selected material, choose color, amount, opacity, and speed.

These are just some great examples of the choices, for easy and epic creation, but that’s not close to everything you can also choose materials to change, from silly to badass.

Here are a few examples:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Hard Plastic
  • Polished Wood
  • Tree Bark
  • Granite
  • Pearl
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Crystal
  • Onyx
  • Alligator Scales
  • Panda Fur
  • Dragon Scales
  • Plant skin
  • Bear Pelt
  • Crystalized Honey
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Half frozen Water
  • Acid
  • Goo
  • Wind
  • Septic Acid
  • Rainbow Dragon Scales
  • Aurora Ice
  • Tainted Silver
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Tainted Gold
  • Rusty Metal
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Iron

There are so many possibilities that replay value is literally endless


Armor Creation is very very similar, choose parts to edit, replace materials and use tools to edit, there are more tools and there are base armor and weapons that will let you start ground up and edit your weapon until it is perfect.


Your character gets stronger by levels, this in an ARPG so you will need to gain the appropriate amount of experience to do so, once you have level up your stats will increase.

A character level limit is 200, once you have reached that you will need to complete all missions, stories, and earn all trophies to earn the level limit up to 500 where you will get a major impact in power, defense, speed, evasion, accuracy, resistance, ect.

People usually like using a weapon that appeals to them in design, well to prevent useless weapons in the game, weapons also receive the same amount of XP as the character using it, that’s right levels weapon up as well, weapons have ranks though so they differ from character level systems.

Each weapon has ranks of: F,D-,D+,C-,C+,B-,B+,A-,A+,S,SS, and SSS; there are 30 levels within each rank, so once you have reached level 30 of a weapon in rank F you will need materials to rank it up to the next rank which will start your weapon off at level one of that rank and so on.

Weapons gain a tremendous amount of stat bonuses when ranked up, but as they level up they won’t gain stats which all the more reason to work toward that goal. Grinding is usually repetitive for many people, but weapons change stats and design as you rank them up, even color for some weapons, with so many weapon styles and weapons with weapon creation there will be nothing repetitive about Beast Bane. So in all there are 360 levels for every weapon but its not hard to level up your weapons….its hard to get those required materials to rank your weapon up though.

WEATHER SYSTEM (in detail)

The Dynamic Weather system will keep you on your toes, with areas providing specific weather like deserts, rain forests, snow mountains and tundras there are still a variety of weather effects to be seen.

Variations Rain Snow Dust Fog
Light Sprinkling Sleet —– Low Clouds
Moderate Rain Snow Dust Foggy
Heavy Heavy Rain Hail Heavy Debris Heavy Fog
 Crazy Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Blizzard Dust Storm Suffocating Fog












You can carry as many of the items you want with you, but when you enter battle you will have to take only a certain amount of each item, there is no limited spaces for certain types of items, instead you can take all the items you want in to battle with you and you will have a set amount of them.

You also can carry up to 9,999,999,999,999 nc (nexus currency), and carry up to 999 of each item in your backpack.

You also have home storage where you can store 9999 of each item, 250 custom costume sets.

While in creation you can store 75 characters, 100 weapons and 100 armor creations, preventing from running out of space you can upload all your creations to a sever with 500 slots, and 10 dollar add-on content will allow you to have infinite space and gives you more content as a bonus.


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  1. Nice game Dusean. I’m kinda mad that the trailer was so long, but was mainly text, xD. Anyway, sounds intriguing cuz

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